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Bhaal Fest IV : Dying Hydra x Demersal x Wokeh

24/08 2019 kl. 20:00 | Dørene åbner kl. 20:00:00

Bhaal Fest is a decentralized rock and metal party of various subgenres anywhere and anytime, both with livemusic, fridaybars and afterparties.

Doors open at 20.00 // DJ from 20.00 // First band from 21.00
Door kr. 100,- // Preorder kr. 80,- (+ fee) // Earplugs kr. 10,-

// Dying Hydra (Atmospheric Sludge Metal) (DK/Copenhagen) (Start 24.00)

A three-tentacled specimen of Hydra - arisen from the sludgy undergrounds of Copenhagen.

The beyond-heavy trio - paralyse the audience with their heavy and immensely dirty soundscapes. All members of the band have more than a decade of experience on the Danish metal scene.

Together, as mortals, they unfold the devastating heavy music of the immortal Hydra.

// Demersal (Blackened Hardcore/Crust) (DK/Odense) (start 22.00)

Demersal is a 4-piece blackened hardcore band from Odense, Denmark that engage in the aesthetics of frustration and aggression. The music is dark and chaotic and the shows are energetic and passioned.

// Wokeh (Doomed Death) (DK/Copenhagen) (start 21.00)

Secret, possibly a wild surprise, you just dont know do you?

// The Druid (DK/Odense)

Through the mist and into the darkness, the druid wanders and brings with him the destructive experience of sounds between the bands and after the livemusic has ended, keep your ears plugged, because he will make you bleed otherwise. Always expect random mid 80'ies classic heavy metal tracks as well.

He will play from doors open, between the bands and after livemusic has stopped, not to mention forever in your head.

24/08 2019 kl. 20:00 | Dørene åbner kl. 20:00

80 kr.

Bhaal Fest IV : Dying Hydra x Demersal x Wokeh

Smag på vores øl og mad inden arrangementet.

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Her på Anarkist vil vi gerne vise, at man sagtens kan drikke øl, der som med vin, passer perfekt til den mad, du spiser.

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