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New England IPA

Alchohol, % ABV: 5.4%
Bitterness, BU: 12
Colour, EBC: 25

Fruity and well-balanced bitterness

Today, 100 years after that Theodor Schiøtz insulted his last civil servant, his spirit is still part of these walls and our minds. Like him, we are proud to outdo conventions. This IPA is brewed with Mosaic, Motueka and Pacific Gem hop, as well as a pinch of rhubarb and elderflower, perfecting the fruity hop character. We have skipped bitter hops in order to avoid the dry bitterness.

– Looks

Slightly cloudy with an almost orange colour and beautiful foam.

– Mouth Feeling

Full and slightly sparkling beer that doesn’t linger too long, making room for another sip.

– Fragrance

A delicious scent of tropical fruits such as lemon and lime, as well as a fresh elderberry and rhubarb aroma. Further a discrete scent of dark berries, flowers and black pepper. However, the malt base is still detectable through the hop and fruity splendour.

– Taste

Creamy and very fruity taste - just like a lovely summer’s day in your mouth. All the hop notes are distinct. You start by sensing the entire citrus fruits dance on your tongue, before noticing additional elderflower and rhubarb.

New England IPA

Facts & Knowledge

  • Food Match

    This beer is fresh and light, making it the ideal appetizer along with nuts and other salty nibbles. The lightness also goes well with starters like tartar, samosas and cheese. The beer is further ideal for main dishes from the Italian, Oriental and Mexican cuisine. This fresh NEIPA is last but not least great with a delicious steak, grilled chicken or other great café classics.

  • The Enthusiast
    • Launch date November 2017
    • Style New England IPA
    • Malts Pilsner malt (66%), Pale Ale (11%), Munich Light (11%), CaraMunich (caramel malt) (6%) and unmalted oat (6%)
    • Bitter hops None
    • Aroma hops Motueka (NZ) and Pacific gem (NZ)
    • Dry hops Mosaic (US) and Pacific gem (NZ)
    • Other ingredients Elderflower juice and rhubarb concentrate
    • Alchohol, % ABV 5.4%
    • Bitterness, BU 12
    • Colour, EBC 25
    New England IPA is a cloudy beer with large amounts of hops added late on in the process after boiling, and as dry hops during maturation in the tank. This beer is the obverse of the very bitter IPAs that have invaded the beer market for the past years. An IPA without the very direct bitterness from the hops, but instead fresh aromas from tropical fruits, flowers and herbs. An IPA for everyone. Especially those, who detest bitter beer.
  • Description from the Master Brewer

    A fresh and very fragrant beer. If you don’t fancy bitter hops, but like the aromatic effects that hops and the addition of fruit can give the beer, this New England IPA is the perfect choice. It is a new way of thinking hop addition in order to protect volatile flavourings from the hops, so you can enjoy them while drinking the beer. A fruity and floral beer for a summer feeling throughout the year.

I'm the brewer

Beer is our product. But our master brewers know the basics. Apart from the master brewers at Theodor Schiøtz Brewing, we like to invite other skilled brewers to join our processes and development.

Daniel Carfeldt Bjørk

I am fascinated by the fact that beer can be as simple and as complex as you like it. You can brew it on the stove in a two-room flat or on an industrial scale. Simply by being creative, you can create a unique experience for all beer lovers.