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Motueka Lager

Alchohol, % ABV: 5.5%
Bitterness, BU: 40
Colour, EBC: 10

Dry Hop Lager

Theodor Schiøtz was not your typical philistine. He rebelled against authorities and expectations. We, carrying on his legacy and name, have made rebellion against ”the expected” our mantra. This also goes for this fruity Motueka dry hop Lager. For the sake of taste, our main ingredient is traditional floor-malted pilsner malt.

– Looks

Pale and clear with sparkling white foam.

– Mouth Feeling

Rustic, balanced.

– Fragrance

The fresh scent of green apples is mixed with a touch of tropical fruits, as well as a bit of the rustic malt.

– Taste

Rustic malt character from the floor-malted pilsner malt in perfect balance with fruity hop notes. Pale and fresh with a high ”drinkability” level.

Motueka Lager

Facts & Knowledge

  • Food Match

    ”Smørrebrød”, fish, fresh and fruity desserts.

  • The Enthusiast
    • Launch date November 2017
    • Style Lager (Hoppy)
    • Malts Pilsner malt (42.5%), Floor-malted Bohemian Pilsner Malt (46%), Munich Malt (11.5%)
    • Bitter hops Green Bullet (NZ)
    • Aroma hops Mittelfruh (DE) (changes to [CZ] in the next batch) Motueka (NZ)
    • Alchohol, % ABV 5.5%
    • Bitterness, BU 40
    • Colour, EBC 10
    A genuinely rare lager type. Refreshing and tasty, ideal for a chat with your neighbour as well as for a fancy dinner with someone you want to impress.
    But hey – no one is to tell a real anarchist when he can drink his favourite beer!
  • Description from the Master Brewer

    ”Anarkist Motueka” is an untraditional lager. As the craft beer wave keeps getting more and more crafty, we swim against the tide and give beer lovers what the really crave - a refreshing beer with great taste! That’s Motueka Lager. Based on one of the beer types hardest to create - pale pilsner. With a twist of the brilliant properties of Motueka hop and fermented with Royal Unibrew’s house yeast, Motueka Lager is a beer that you’ll want to drink again and again… and again.

I'm the brewer

Beer is our product. But our master brewers know the basics. Apart from the master brewers at Theodor Schiøtz Brewing, we like to invite other skilled brewers to join our processes and development.

Daniel Carfeldt Bjørk

I am fascinated by the fact that beer can be as simple and as complex as you like it. You can brew it on the stove in a two-room flat or on an industrial scale. Simply by being creative, you can create a unique experience for all beer lovers.

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