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Brown Ale

Alchohol, % ABV: 6.3%
Bitterness, BU: 25
Colour, EBC: 55

The Perfect Brown ale

Theodor Schiøtz taught us to rebel against authorities and to exceed expectations. With this Brown Ale, we continue to do so. In fact, we have to confess with false modesty that we set out to create the perfect brown ale. It took five exquisite malt types and one of the most classic British hops: East Kent Goldings.

– Looks

Dark brown but transparent with creamy foam.

– Mouth Feeling

Soft, round and easy to drink.

– Fragrance

Caramelised malt types and a subtle citrus fruit fragrance from the hops. You can sense the sweetness from the muscovado sugar in the scent. Further, the beer has a discrete biscuit/grain scent for a clear sense of the grain base of the beer.

– Taste

Medium full and malty taste - caramel, grain, chocolate and liquorice - slightly sweet, with mild hop bitterness and discrete caramel notes.

Brown Ale

Facts & Knowledge

  • Food Match

    Salad, fish and seafood. Further a perfect alternative for lunch, whether you enjoy a burger or classic cold cuts.

  • The Enthusiast
    • Launch date November 2017
    • Style Brown Ale
    • Malts Pilsner malt (76.5%), Cara Red (10.5%), Honey Malt (5%), CaraMunich I (5%) and Black malt (colour malt) (3%)
    • Bitter hops East Kent Goldings (UK)
    • Aroma hops East Kent Goldings (UK)
    • Other ingredients Muscovado sugar
    • Alchohol, % ABV 6.3%
    • Bitterness, BU 25
    • Colour, EBC 55
    ”Anarkist Brown Ale” is a traditional British Brown Ale. In a time of bitter and strong hop beer, you don’t come across such a round and mild beer that often, which goes well with lunch. This beer is the ideal thirst quencher, for food in or during cooking. If you prefer a sweet and low-bitterness beer, you will quickly replace your pilsner with this beer for lunch or a light dinner meal such as salad, fish or seafood. My idea was to make this beer easy drinkable, so the low bitterness and the amount of colour malt ensure that beer is not affected by too much burnt malt.
  • Description from the Master Brewer

    A nice mellow but still easily drinkable Brown Ale for you who enjoys a sweet beer with low hop bitterness. A beer that does not require escorting food due to the high-intensity taste, but instead can be enjoyed countless times without the taste buds becoming tired. Therefore, this beer is a perfect companion for lunch or sporting events.

I'm the brewer

Beer is our product. But our master brewers know the basics. Apart from the master brewers at Theodor Schiøtz Brewing, we like to invite other skilled brewers to join our processes and development.

Andreas Falkenberg

As a master brewer, I am highly inspired by the British beer culture, in which you often come together over a pint at the local pub. British beer does in general have a very harmonic taste and you can taste the notes of all the ingredients used.

To me, the perfect beer has distinct notes from both malt, yeast and of course hops or other flowers and herbs.

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